About BEST

The project Bioethanol for Sustainable Transport deals with the introduction and market penetration of bioethanol as a vehicle fuel, and the introduction and wider use of flexible fuel vehicles and ethanol cars on the market.


BEST in the European Parliament

In January BEST representatives met in Brussels to present project findings at the European parliament to Members of the European Parliament, commission officers, NGO’s and lobbyists.


Policy report released

• bioethanol can substitute a significant part of the transport fuels,
• ethanol cars and buses, filling stations and -pumps are available and works well,
• driving on bioethanol can save up to 80 % of the greenhouse gas emissions,
• the fuel can be sustainably produced, whether imported or in Europe.


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Bioethanol Newsletter #4

In the BEST News No 4 you can read about a growing net of E85 stations in Europe. Also learn how goverments can support introduction of clean vehicles and sustainable fuels with the right incentives.

And first analysis indicates: FFV vehicles utilizes fuel energy more efficient than expected.